Christian Meditation for the village

Jesus said “I am the Way …” have you ever thought much about that? What did he mean? There have been many discussions and even arguments about that. Religious men and women have had all sorts of disagreements from many aspects of faith throughout time.
People don’t believe that what Jesus offers as a Life choice is a viable option. Often they think that Christianity is a soft option in life, just like many a teenager used to think that GCE RE (or maybe RK) was an easy thing to take for a qualification. Too soft, too frightened, to live a life that is full of hatred, bitterness, strife – Christianity doesn’t help you stand up as a Man. Yet the Christian faith requires a strength of character not everyone can cope with.
Turn the other cheek, forgive your enemies, love one another are just some of Jesus’ instructions. Too many folk are full of themselves, too fond of wanting things just for them. Caring for others first doesn’t always come high on many people’s agendas. In this pandemic days it is imperative to put others first and many do it selflessly. It is his way, Christ’s Way and I would like to misquote Sam the American Eagle of Muppets fame “It is the British way”.
If you haven’t considered it before then please do so today – consider Jesus’ words for yourself “I am the way”
John Pugh, Wymeswold Methodist Church, 3/7/20