Weekly Meditation 19/3/21

Music calms the savage beast (or maybe breast in some versions) of the old maxim. Music has many things claimed about it, it can stir the heart and body to be ready to fight (martial music). Romantic ballads can set the heart to think of love and loved ones, nursery rhymes can make you think of early school years or even remembering your children. As to teenage years whatever was Top of the Pops at the time probably still gets you moving – big bands, Beatles, The Who, Abba, individual singers or groups, as for me I’m a Seekers fan . Our taste for music grows and deepens with the years and who knows what we will enjoy 20 or 30 years from now. I have moved through folk music courtesy of the Spinners and for the last 5 years or so I have moved into Country music (who knew?)

Music also plays a big part in our Christian lives too, whether Gregorian chants which put some people to sleep or modern Christian songs which some folk find too repetitive. As for me I have loved Christian hymns all my life and find words come easy to mind so that I can sing some hymns from memory. The problem is sometimes modern hymnbooks have become politically correct and words have had to be changed. This means I continue singing the old non-PC words while those faithfully following the books sing something different. As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t hurt, God is glorified whatever the words. Whilst we were told to sing “Happy birthday” whilst washing our hands I enjoy singing “And can it be” to Sagina instead. Any other suggestions here that you might enjoy?

While we cannot sing hymns in our Churches yet at present we are not prevented from singing at home. As a child I remember singing Sunday School favourites whilst playing in the garden of the place we were staying at in Scarborough. My sister Carol and I sang at the top of our voices and my parents heard us from the top floor (5th that is) so they said people would have heard us for quite a distance. So the challenge is here for you, as soon as you feel you can stand in your own garden without freezing, spend some time singing at the top of your lungs your favourite hymns. It will get you back into practice for the time when the Government says we can sing in Church once more!

John Pugh (Rev) Wymeswold Methodist