Weekly Meditation 23/4/21

The Veterans Badge marks men and women who have served Queen and country in the Armed Forces. It makes no difference – Army, Navy or Air Force – all have served whether as a Regular or Reservist. I must admit my eyes are drawn immediately if I see someone wearing this mark of service. My first question usually involves asking who they served with – sometimes it’s just a number which signifies something either as a Unit, Squadron or Ship. The numbers may not mean much unless you know e.g. Medics might know 223, 212, 201, etc. Some people buy copies of the badge from the internet because they wish they’d been involved with the Forces. These “wannabies” are usually referred to as “Walts” by ex-Forces personnel, they stand out in some way or other, caught out as it were, because of a lack of knowledge.

My other thought is – how many of us wear some sort of mark that proclaims us as Christian? A cross, a crucifix, some form of the Christian fish symbol, a WWJD band or maybe a sweatshirt that proclaims something about Jesus? Do we stand out because of that which we wear? I am blessed because as a Christian Minister I wear a clerical collar (otherwise known as a ‘dog collar’) sometimes. Helpful indicator whenever I visit someone in hospital or a Home, reassuring folk who may be housebound that I am ‘legit’. However not everyone wears such a noticeable symbol of their faith.

How we wear our Christian faith is more important than any symbol we choose to wear or carry. Scripture tells us we are sealed by God’s Holy Spirit, Sun faith should shine out for all to see. Not that this is to give us glory but so that God may be glorified because of his presence in Sun lives. This being the case we should recognise other Christians the moment we walk into a room full of strangers. At once we should know them and they should know us as the worship song states “They’ll know we are Christians by Sun love, by Sun love, yes they’ll know we are Christians by our love”

John Pugh (Rev)  Wymeswold Methodist