Weekly Meditation 25/6/21

If you’ve recently spent any time in uniform the photo will either fill you with lots of memories or just send a shiver down your spine! Most non-military individuals will refer to it as camouflage, but to those who’ve served it’s DPM or Disruptive Patterned Material. Yes there are several designs dependant on where in the world you served or even when. This one worked well amongst personnel serving in Northern Europe, wearing it in a desert terrain didn’t work so well. Obviously there a more sandy colour would work far better.

Whatever force you served with it was all about hiding in plain sight, in fact wearing the correct material it is even possible to stand in plain sight, say in front of a forest and, providing you don’t move you will not be seen. If you use a computer on a regular basis and you’re bored look up the use of camouflage on the internet. Wildlife uses it all the time, try looking at moths, octopuses and chameleons sometime. Soldiers are trained to use natural foliage to break up their outline to blend in with their natural surroundings.

The problem today is that people want to hide in plain sight, they are often encouraged not to stand out in the crowd. The idea that if they don’t stand out they won’t get picked on, they won’t be given extra work to do. In fact if anything they will slip underneath the radar and will end up having a nice easy life. There used to be a well known saying especially amongst National Service personnel – “Don’t volunteer for anything!” This would be echoed by the Regular troops who’d learned the hard way, if anything get someone else to do the hard work whilst you make out you’re doing them a favour.

Some Christians hide themselves in plain sight amongst the wider population. They don’t stand out in any way, no-one can tell they are different. Yet it used to be said that Christians stood out because of what they said, how they said it and how they acted. The big question for today is are you a camouflaged Christian? Or do you truly stand out and up for Jesus Christ? Are there Christians around you that you don’t know about? If there are some why not challenge them to stand out and up for Jesus with you

John Pugh  (Rev)  Wymeswold Methodist