Weekly Meditation 26/3/21

Have you ever had one of those light-bulb moments? If you are not sure what one of those is – all you have to do is look back at some of the old cartoons where someone gets an idea, usually a bright one, and a lit light bulb appears over their heads. Off they go to put into implication these wonderful idea. Surely you’ve had a bright idea at some point? It may have been just a different way of looking at an old problem or a way to cope with a new one.

Does God ever get given the glory for giving you the idea or even acknowledged for his hand in the process? Too often we like to give ourselves the credit for coming up with the idea – you know when we say “I’ve just had this brilliant idea!”. We could acknowledge God’s prodding by saying we didn’t know what to do but God showed us a way forward. Occasionally the prompting may seem just like logic.

One occasion that comes to my mind happened a few years ago when my wife complained the wooden clothes props were getting rather soggy as they lay on the ground. We tried standing them upright but the strong northerly winds would blow them over. I have over the years admired the contraptions envisaged as Heath Robinson contraptions. This set me thinking. Creating 12″ circles out of garden wire, hanging them on the garden fence and threading the poles in between kept them off the ground and allowed them to drain any excess water. Simples!

As we struggle with some of Life’s problems let us seek God’s guidance for each one. When the light bulb moment comes and come they will, let us honestly and publicly give God the glory for the answers. Sometimes the answers may come directly and at other times God may use others to bring his word. Whatever the means the guidance is for our benefit.

John Pugh (Rev)  Wymeswold Methodist