Weekly Meditation 30/5/21

Size matters? How often have you heard that? I know it’s not often used to compare such things as speakers you might attach to mobile phones, etc. Yes there HI-Fi fanatics who will boast of the size of their woofers and tweeters, stating certain makes and designs are much better than others. I am certain many of you have heard the expression used of various other different situations. Humanity, it seems, are taken up with comparisons, it seems to be more true with some more than others. My American friends tell me this is especially true of Texans where the boast goes everything is bigger in Texas.

I think for many it starts when children begin in school and proud parents compare their children to the class members alongside their child. Height, weight and apparent intelligence are weighed up. Some , it seems, appear to be taller and stronger than others, cleaner and brighter extend maybe to others. Judged possibly by the books they are reading – my child is only on book number 4 in the scheme where your child is on book number 7, why isn’t my child on book 7? Teachers will tell you children develop at different rates, physically, socially and intellectually. Then as unpopular as it may be, genders mature at different ages ask anyone who’s studied child development.

From time to time this concept raises its head in Christian circles. Competitiveness rages between some Christians over who is higher in a hierarchy than others. The idea of being a big fish in a small pond is important to some people, in their own eyes. Being a small fish in a larger pond carries no kudos in the same eyes. Being “Mr Big” or “Ms Big” can often make individuals swell with pride, feel self important and make them less aware of what being a Christian is all about. It’s about being a servant amongst other servants – some years ago, prior to the Methodist Church assuming its current form an incident occurred. A young Primitive Methodist Minister was ordered about by his Chapel stewards. They told him he was just a servant of the Church i.e. in their eyes themselves. His response? “Yes I am the servant of the servants but you are not my masters”

So does size matter? In some ways yes – but its about the size of our hearts, the love we hold for others, how big a role Jesus plays in our lives. Ultimately, it’s not about “size matters” but it’s about what we do with what God has given us. It’s about how we use the skills and talents that are God given.

John Pugh (Rev)  Wymeswold Methodist