Christian Meditation for the village

Final Weekly Meditation 2/7/21

I suspect some of you are wondering (if you can see the picture of the swan) why that particular picture? Well I suppose like many of you I am reminded of the phrase “Swan song”. The swan song is a metaphorical phrase for a final gesture, effort, or performance given just before death or retirement. […]

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Weekly Meditation 25/6/21

If you’ve recently spent any time in uniform the photo will either fill you with lots of memories or just send a shiver down your spine! Most non-military individuals will refer to it as camouflage, but to those who’ve served it’s DPM or Disruptive Patterned Material. Yes there are several designs dependant on where in […]

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Weekly Meditation 18/6/21

How many of you are old enough to remember Max Bygraves singing “You need hands”? I’m certain there will be some of you who will claim that they’re much too young to go that far back. I could claim (quite rightly) that I was in Infant School and heard him on the radio which my […]

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Weekly Meditation 11/6/21

Over 26 years as a TA Chaplain I spent a number of hours on various Army Ranges hearing many commands that were never aimed (excuse the pun) at me. Commands such as “Watch and shoot, watch and shoot” I remember clearly. I also remember spending time in the Butts, deep trenches where soldiers worked the […]

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Weekly Meditation 4/6/21

More than once I have held the model railway engine tight in my fist (to those who like details the accompanying photo shows an N gauge LNER General Purpose Tank Engine in LNER green). I have then said to a gathered Primary School assembly “The original item of that which I have in my hand […]

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