Wymeswold United Sunday School

Wymeswold United Sunday School provides Christian teaching suitable to their ages for children aged from three upwards, whatever church (if any) their parents attend.

The meetings take place in the Upper Room of the Methodist Church on the corner of Brook Street and the Stockwell from 10:45am to 11:30am most term-time Sundays. The exception to this is the third Sunday of each month when an All-Age Worship service is held at 11am alternately at the parish church (St. Mary’s) and the Methodist church.

The meeting time means that Methodist families can attend the beginning of the Methodist service together before the children move to Sunday School and Church of England families can attend the end of the Anglican service together as children can be escorted from Sunday School up to St. Mary’s.

All children are given take-home material so families know what is being discussed and can share in their children’s learning.

Any questions, please contact Sandi Cowell 01509 881365 or Marilyn Rowley 01509 880843 or by email to mail@wymeswold.fsbusiness.co.uk.