Parish Council Report 2011/12

This report details some of the many issues Wymeswold Parish Council has been concerned with in the last year:

There has been much talk about installing a pedestrian crossing on the A6006 in view of both the increase in traffic numbers and an increase in parishioners wishing to cross this busy road, especially around the Wysall Lane junction. The Parish Council has engaged with the County Council Highways to seek the safest solution to this problem, but perhaps the overriding factor at present is that the County Council has no budget available to fund any such project. However, the Parish Council is still in communication with the County Highways team to clarify specific safety issues and concerns.
The Parish Council did propose the establishment of a ‘Lollipop’ lady to help children crossing before and after school, but although the County Council recognised a need for such a service they were unable to identify a safe site to establish this.
In the meantime, the Parish Council is now working towards setting up a ‘Community Speedwatch’ group in the village and is still seeking volunteers to take part.

Towards the end of 2011 the Parish Council consulted with parishioners on how the village should celebrate both the Diamond Jubilee and the arrival of the Olympic Flame in 2012. A popular suggestion was to design and commission a decorative village sign to reflect Wymeswold’s rich history as well as life in 2012. The design has now been finalised and the sign is currently being commissioned. It will be unveiled on Queen’s Park at a short ceremony following the passing of the Olympic Torch Relay on Tuesday 3rd July. The Parish Council wishes to thank Susan Crinage for her many hours work on the design of the sign, which we are sure will be appreciated by everyone when it is revealed.
The Parish Council will also be providing floral displays this summer on the lampposts around Queen’s Park and the new village sign.

The Parish Council continues to support the development of this superb recreation area for the village and wishes to thank the Washdyke Association for all its success in securing grants for the play equipment, as well as maintaining the orchard. There are some exciting projects in progress, with new equipment and the sundial due to be installed in the next month.

The Parish Council recognises the valuable function that our Memorial Hall serves in the community and wishes to records its thanks to the Memorial Hall Committee who work so hard to maintain this important village amenity. This year the existing gas cooker installation was deemed to be unsafe and the Hall Committee had to replace it with an industrial electric appliance. The Parish Council was able to make a grant towards the purchase of the replacement electric cooker and hobs.

The amenity on Burton Lane is managed by the Parish Council for the enjoyment of all. There was a problem over the winter with an increase of dog mess but the situation has improved recently. The Parish Council is now looking to apply for funding from Sport England (as part of its Olympic legacy) to refurbish the pavilion and bring it into line with current welfare regulations.


A major project to clear the walls of brambles, re-point the walls and re-paint the railings was completed last summer. In addition, works to clear and re-gravel the internal cemetery paths have now been completed. It is now planned to enhance the appearance of the boundaries by planting a hedge alongside the existing post-and-wire mesh fence.

The Village Pound (at the junction of London Lane and Far Street) has been cleared, the walls have been repaired and a new gravel base has been put down. The circular bench was being provided thanks to a grant from the Garden Walkabout Committee.

The condition of the telephone box on the Stockwell was causing concern and the Parish Council contacted BT about this. The box was repaired and repainted so we hope that there will continue to be a public payphone in the village for many years to come.

The Parish Council is consulted by Charnwood Borough Council over all new planning applications within the parish. The Localism Bill entails changes to the existing planning policies at all levels and the Parish Council will be consulted over future planning policies for both the village and borough.

Representatives from the local police attend Parish Council meeting and there is dialogue over issues such as petty crime, speeding and anti-social behaviour.

The Parish Council is represented on the Wymeswold Airfield Liaison Group which meets with Everyman Racing, Charnwood Borough Council and Prestwold Hall to address the issues of noise disturbance. The Parish Council is also represented on the Wolds Area Community Forum which meets four times a year and also on the Joint Wolds Parish Councils’ Group which covers the parish councils in the local area.

Apart from regular updates in the ‘Link’ and the Loughborough Echo and on the notice board, news from the Parish Council is updated on the village website and also on the Parish Council website

I hope this summary gives you an outline of some of the many issues we cover as a Parish Council. There are also many other matters regularly dealt with every year including mowing, street cleaning, highway maintenance, potholes and rubbish removal.

Parishioners are welcome to attend the regular monthly meetings, usually held on the first Monday of the month at 7.15pm in the Memorial Hall. All contact details are advertised on the Parish Council notice board in the Stockwell, as are the agenda and minutes of the most recent meeting, together with any other relevant information.

I would like to thank my fellow members of the Parish Council – Ken Barratt, Shaun Bokor, Adrian Cooke, Joan Hubbard, Jo Ling and Sarah Sturmey – for all their support and hard work over the past year.

I would also like to record our thanks to our County Councillor, Cllr Richard Sheppard, for his help and advice over a numerous matters with the County Council, and similarly to our Borough Councillor, Cllr Jenny Bokor, who also liaises with us over issues with Charnwood BC.

Finally I wish to thank the Parish Clerk, Alice Gardam, for all her excellent work in support of the Council, often ‘over and beyond’ what is expected of her in her role.

Nick Shaw
Chairman, Wymeswold Parish Council
14th May 2012