Parish Council Report 2013/14

This report details some of the many issues Wymeswold Parish Council has been concerned with in the last year:

Wymeswold Playing Field and Sports Pavilion

The project to upgrade, modernise and extend the sports pavilion on the Burton Lane playing field was given a huge boost when the Parish Council was awarded a £50,000 grant from Sport England’s ‘Inspired Facilities’ fund as part of the Olympic legacy. In addition, grants have been obtained from the Area Forum, Rempstone Steam Show and also the Wymeswold Running Club, for which the Council expresses its thanks. Full planning permission has been granted and it is hoped that the work will commence in September.

Church Street Splitter Island

For some years there have been problems with HGVs using Church Street despite it being in the weight-restricted zone, leading to the vehicles being unable to negotiate the tight corners. After consultation with the local community and Leics CC Highways, the Council is pleased to report that a ‘splitter island’ is to be installed at the top of Church Street to prevent HGVs accessing the narrow street. This work should commence in June.


The Parish Council continues to support the development of this superb recreation area for the village and wishes to thank the Washdyke Association for all its success in securing grants for the play equipment, as well as maintaining the orchard.  The Parish Council covers the cost of mowing, insurance, safety inspections and hedge trimming.

Mowing and paths

Mowing and maintaining areas of the village such as the churchyard, cemetery, playing field, Washdyke and around the Memorial Hall falls with the Parish Council and a new contractor was appointed at the start of the year. Some additional areas have been added to the mowing schedules as well as the paths within the village where the existing responsibility could not be identified. A new railing has been installed on the path between Clay Street and London Lane, with the Parish Council paying the balance to ensure that the style of railing was in keeping with the conservation area of the village.

Wysall Lane / East Road junction

The Parish Council recognises that there are safety issues for both pedestrians and motorists at this busy junction and continues lobby the County Council over proposed improvements.

Speeding and Speedwatch

The Parish Council pressed successfully for the implementation of the 20mph advisory speed limit on Far Street and also supports the ongoing Community Speedwatch campaign.


Further maintenance work has been carried out at the cemetery on Rempstone Road. Most of the gravestones which were either leaning or had fallen over have now been tidied and made safe. Graves have also been cleaned and cleared of any foliage.

Planning and development

The Parish Council is consulted by Charnwood Borough Council over all new planning applications within the parish and the Borough Core Strategy. Wymeswold PC made representations at the two-day appeal hearing over the application to develop properties on land each side of Storkit Lane.

Memorial Hall

The Parish Council continues to support this important community facility and thanks the members of the Memorial Hall Committee for all their hard work. The Council was able to lend financial support for the repair of equipment in the play area and also for the purchase of roller shutters for the bar area.

Parish Council communication

Apart from regular updates in the ‘Christian Link’, the Loughborough Echo and on the notice board, news from the Parish Council is updated on the village website   and also on the Parish Council website

I hope this summary gives you an outline of some of the many issues we cover as a Parish Council. There are also many other matters regularly dealt with every year including street cleaning, highway maintenance, potholes and rubbish removal.

Parishioners are welcome to attend the regular monthly meetings, usually held on the first Monday of the month at 7.15pm in the Memorial Hall. All contact details are advertised on the Parish Council notice board in the Stockwell, as are the agenda and minutes of the most recent meeting, together with any other relevant information.

I would like to thank my fellow members of the Parish Council – Ken Barratt, Shaun Bokor, Adrian Cooke, Joan Hubbard, Jo Ling and Sarah Sturmey – for all their support and hard work over the past year. Councillor Joan Hubbard has stood down from her role and we thank her for all her many years of service with the Parish Council.

I would also like to record our thanks to our County Councillor, Cllr Richard Shepherd, for his help and advice over a numerous matters with the County Council, and similarly to our Borough Councillor, Cllr Jenny Bokor, who also liaises with us over issues with Charnwood BC.

Finally I wish to thank the Parish Clerk, Alice Gardam, for all her excellent work in support of the Council.

Nick Shaw
Chairman, Wymeswold Parish Council
12th May 2014