Parish Council Reports 2010

Police Report PC Richard Melody reported that on the 10th of November there was a burglary to a dwelling on Rempstone Road, car keys were taken and a vehicle stolen. There were a further six burglaries: two on Narrow Lane where farm buildings were broken into and tools taken, two on the Wymeswold Industrial estate, and two on Home Leys Way and East Road where property was taken from vehicles.
PC Melody urged people not to leave items on display in their vehicles.

Washdyke Update 
•  Funding has now been secured for three pieces of equipment for the TrimTrail. A final decision still needs to be made as to exactly what these will be but they will primarily be to encourage activity and exercise for all ages.
•  The work on the BMX track to make it more rideable has now been completed and the Parish Council wishes to thank the team of volunteers that have made this possible.
•  Wild flower seeds have been sown in the Community Orchard to encourage growth in the spring.
•  The benches have been jet-washed and cleaned up.

November 2010

Police report The following crimes were reported for October: damage to 3 motor vehicles on Waydale, a laptop was stolen from a motor vehicle on Rectory Close during the night of 8th/9th October, and a barn on Narrow Lane was broken into and items were stolen.

Race to Infinity The Race to Infinity is a collection of signatures online at supporting the implementation of fibre optic cables to secure a more efficient broadband connection in the village. If you would like to support this scheme please got to and register your details.

Wymeswold Airfield The petition against noise nuisance from the activities of Everyman Racing was presented to Charnwood Borough Council’s Cabinet and a full report is due at the December Cabinet meeting.

Washdyke Update The work on the BMX track to make it more rideable will take place by village volunteers on the morning of Sunday 27th November. Anyone who would like to help on the morning will be made very welcome. Improvements will be made to the disabled access to the Washdyke on Burton Lane . This will involve replacing the surface to the access with a more suitable material for wheelchair users.

October 2010

Appointment of Parish Clerk Following the very sad loss of its existing clerk, Miranda Noble, in July of this year the Parish Council advertised the position and held interviews at the end of September. There were seven applicants, all of whom were interviewed by a panel of councillors, and Mrs Alice Gardam was appointed to the position with effect of 1st October. The Parish Council wishes to record its thanks to the other applicants, all of whom were of a very high standard.

Police report There have been two reported crimes in the Parish in the last month. On 8th September Wymeswold School was broken into and the property taken, and 18/19th September a motor vehicle was stolen from Brook Street

Wymeswold Airfield 
A meeting of the Wymeswold Airfield Liaison Group took place on the 10th September. The effectiveness of the noise bunds was discussed and the Parish Council suggested that most of the noise in Wymeswold comes from tyre squeal and acceleration associated with the hairpin bend closest to the village. Everyman Racing has been asked to look into more effective noise-protection measures for Wymeswold.
Charnwood Borough Council reported that there had been no reported incidents of the planning conditions attached to the activities having been broken this year. A planning application has been submitted to Charnwood Borough Council to use the track for other non-motorised activities such as cycling and running.

HGVs in the Village Following concerns about HGVs using minor roads in the village as a short-cut, there are two proposals from Leics CC Highways to address these problems: firstly to move the weight restriction signs on Narrow Lane to just past the lane leading to the poultry farm on Brook Street, and secondly to move the weight restriction sign on Burton Lane to a location past the industrial estate. This would make the only access route to the industrial estate along the B676, thus reducing HGV traffic passing through the village. It was agreed by the Parish Council to support the second of these two proposals, but the Council had concerns about heavy lorries using Narrow Lane both due to it size, and the fact that it is used by walkers, riders and cyclists.

Washdyke Update The work on the BMX track to make it more rideable should commence shortly. Money has been secured for two new pieces of equipment for the trim trail. The committee are also planning to replace the trees that have died, and an application for funds to install a sundial has been put into the Duck Race grants committee.

September 2010

Proposed Bus Shelter on Brook Street Following public consultation and objections from the Parish Council, Leicestershire County Council has now dropped plans to remove the existing bench and install a modern-style bus shelter on Brook Street. The kerbs will be raised, however, to assist access to the elderly and those with disabilities.

Parish Litter Warden The Council has backed a proposal by the Campaign to Protect Rural England to appoint a Litter Warden. A small annual fee would be paid by the CPRE and interested parties can get further details from the Parish noticeboard or

Ant-social behaviour Neighbours have reported instances of anti-social behaviour late at night in the grounds of Wymeswold School . The local Police have been asked to step up their patrols, and parishioners are reminded that the school grounds are out-of-bounds after dark.

Washdyke BMX Trail A group of village BMX enthusiasts have expressed safety concerns about the existing BMX track, and have offered to alter the approaches to each obstacle to address these concerns. That Parish Council supports this initiative, and has agreed to pay for the associated costs.

HGVs in the village The Parish Council is aware of the problems of HGVs using weight-restricted routes within the village. Providing the HGVs are accessing a site within the weight-restricted areas (such as Wymeswold Industrial Park ), they are legally entitled to use the restricted routes. This has led to problems in the village, particularly on Clay However, should parishioners witness an HGV using a restricted street in the village as a ‘short cut’ (ie not loading or delivering within the area) then this is a police matter. Vehicle registration details, together with the company name, time and date should be forwarded to or reported on 0116 222 2222.

The next meeting of Wymeswold Parish Council will be held on Monday 4th October in the Memorial Hall, starting at 7.15pm. All parishioners are welcome to attend.

Miranda Noble – Clerk to Wymeswold Parish Council

It was with great sadness that we learnt that Miranda Noble had passed away on 10th July following a short illness.

On behalf of the Parish Council and all the parishioners of Wymeswold we extend our deepest sympathies to her husband Dave and her family.

Miranda was a wonderfully efficient Clerk to the Parish Council and helped the village in so many ways. She will be sadly missed not only by her family, but the whole community.

For the time being all matters for the Parish Council should be addressed to the Chairman ( Nick Shaw ) or any other of the Parish Councillors.

Village Facilities Survey Thank you to all the parishioners who took part in the survey to look to the usage of our various local services. The results will be forwarded to Charnwood Borough Council. The Parish Council also wishes to record its thanks to the Outreach Post Office, the Three Crowns and Wymeswold Pharmacy for their help with the survey.

Proposed Bus Shelter on Brook Street As part of the upgrade of facilities for local bus users, Leicestershire County Council is proposing to install a shelter at the bus stop on Brook Street, close to the Hoton Road and Clay Street junction.

The Parish Council originally requested a ‘rustic style’ shelter, but following an on-site meeting between Leics CC and local residents, an amended proposal has been put forward which is modern in design, and entails the loss of the existing seat.

The Parish Council has unanimously opposed this proposal as it is inappropriate in the conservation area and feel the seat is well-used by local people. A response was awaited from the County Council.

Wymeswold Washdyke update

  • The Washdyke Committee has been successful in securing a grant from the Area Forum towards equipment for the proposed Trim Trail.
  • Ragwort has been removed from the field.
  • The ‘Washstock’ Music Festival on 4 th July has donated £296 towards the Washdyke project.

Potholes A number of potholes in the village roads have been repaired. Potholes can form quickly and become a hazard to all road users. If you are aware of a pothole in the village you can report it to the County Council’s Customer Service Centre on 0116 305 0001.

Bus shelter on Brook Street The Parish Council has noted the concerns of residents that the proposed bus shelter might attract anti social behaviour, but the bus stop is well used particularly by elderly residents who would welcome protection from the elements. The new shelter should be installed in May.

Proposal for galvanised crash barrier at Burton Lane junction The possibility of replacing the current damaged barrier with a more robust structure has been raised by the County Council. It is considered that this would be out of place in this location, so it has been agreed to replace the damaged section with the same materials as previously used.

Washdyke update All trees have been pruned and the majority of dead trees have been replaced. Over half of the stakes are in position and the plaques detailing donor names have been completed. The kissing gate on Hoton Road has been completed.

Litter collection and sweeping The Borough Council’s contractors have done a thorough sweep and cleared throughout the village. Please let councillors know of any particular areas which need further attention.

Street lighting in Leicestershire From April a project will begin to reduce street lighting in the county. Further information is available at .

Wymeswold airfield Following consultation with all the relevant parish councils Charnwood Borough Council has agreed to the extension of the period that Everyman can operate commercial days before the bund is completed, and this extension will run to the 31st May 2010.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will include the Annual Parish Meeting, and the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council which will precede the normal monthly meeting of the Parish Council. These meetings would be held on Monday 10th May, and commence at 7pm in the upstairs room of the Methodist Church . All parishioners are welcome to attend.

Archaeology Warden It has been agreed that Patricia Baker will be the new Archaeology Warden for Wymeswold replacing Bob Trubshaw who has left the village.

Wymeswold Airfield Everyman Racing is under different management since the Autumn, who will ensure that the specified hours of operation are adhered to. Work is being done on the exhausts of the noisier vehicles.

Housing survey The results of the survey were discussed at the March meeting. There had been only three responses from the village showing interest in the scheme for affordable housing for rent or part purchase. To be eligible families had to be in rented accommodation or living with family, and would have to apply to be on CBC’s housing register to qualify. It was unanimously agreed that this particular scheme was not in the interests of the village, nor of those who had moved away to purchase cheaper property elsewhere but who wished to return to Wymeswold, as they would not be eligible under this scheme.

Concrete in the brook The sides of the brook have become eroded, resulting in concrete from the sides falling into the water. This has been raised with LCC Highways, who have accepted responsibility. Priority is currently being given to potholes throughout the county resulting form the cold weather, but this has been added to their list of tasks.

Retirement of village pharmacist Rob Yeomans has recently retired from this post. The Parish Council would like to thank him for all his hard work and support for residents of the village and the surrounding area.

The next meeting will be held on Monday 12th April in the upstairs room, Wymeswold Methodist Church . All parishioners are welcome to attend.

Litter The recent litter pick organised by Wymeswold walking group collected over 30 bags of rubbish. It is considered that this is an unacceptable amount and Borough Councillor Jenny Bokor will take this up with Charnwood’s Cleansing Department.

Willows on Brook Street County Council Highways Department are continuing investigations into the responsibility for some of the willows on Brook Street, but a survey by their staff has confirmed that the unpruned ones are currently in a safe condition.

Funding for the Memorial Hall It has been agreed to use the money earmarked for the Memorial Hall to help finance the new boiler.

Washdyke update Arrangements are being made to replace the trees which have died. The Parish Council will arrange for a kissing gate to be installed at the Hoton Road entrance.

School 20mph signs A revised scheme for the 20 mph signs by the school has been received, and the new signs will be installed shortly.

Police report Crimes during December included one theft, and one incidence of damage to a vehicle. Regular checks are being made on the Memorial Hall car park and the driver of a vehicle has been issued with a warning for doing handbrake turns in this area.

Hoton Road/Burton Lane junction This area is extremely dangerous in cold weather. This route is not included in LCC Highways priority salting routes, as activity is focussed on major routes, with additional routes treated in prolonged periods of sub zero conditions if resources allow. Volunteers have been using the grit bin to improve the state of this road, but some accidents have occurred. Extreme caution is recommended if you have no alternative but to use this route in icy weather. The map showing which routes are treated is on the Parish Council notice board and is available at

Airfield noise Noise monitoring equipment is in place in Wymeswold and Burton.

Proposed new bus shelter on Brook Street As part of the Local Transport Plan it is proposed to install a new bus shelter at the stop on Brook Street. Neighbours will be consulted as part of the process.

Accounts The budget for 2010/11 has been agreed. The precept request (£18,700) will be the same as for 2009/10.