Parish Council Reports 2007

The East Midlands Regional Plan Panel Report This had been published at the end of November and a briefing note had been produced by Charnwood Borough Council. The report would now be considered by the Secretary of State and it was anticipated that the proposed changes to the Regional Plan would be published in the Spring.

Brook maintenance A response had been received from CBC’s Senior Ecologist explaining the reasons for the current management scheme for the brook.

Response to proposed Post Office closure It was agreed to oppose the reduction from a full to a part time service, while acknowledging the need to ensure that what was put in place must be the best possible solution in the circumstances.

2008/09 precept It was agreed to increase the precept by 2.5% in line with inflation. The budget would include earmarked amounts for village projects.

Washdyke update The first round of planting had been completed and the remaining trees were due to be planted on 9 th December. Goal posts had been erected in the play area of the field, and this area had been mowed. The planning application for change of use and the construction of a new access had been submitted and hedge trimming round the edge of the Washdyke and sports field had also been arranged.

Report of the Parish Council meeting held on 5th November 2007.

Police report. There had been some problems of anti social behaviour in the village, and the police planned to visit residents to discuss their concerns. There were also concerns about the hazards of parked cars near the school at the start and end of the school day.

A6006. Work to install drainage pipes across the A6006 to alleviate the recent flooding problems should be completed in the next four weeks.

Charnwood grants. This information had been forwarded to the Washdyke Association, and it was understood that the Memorial Hall Committee were considering submitting a bid.

Footpath update. It was anticipated that the County Council would be doing work on maintenance and improvement on the footpaths in the parish in December or January. Councillors recorded their thanks to Jon Charley for his hard work on obtaining the details of landowners in the parish enabling this work on footpaths to be done.

Washdyke update. Sponsorship had now been secured for all the trees, and costings and plans for the play area were being investigated. The Parish Council agreed to pay for the mowing and hedge maintenance required, which would be included in the budget for the next financial year.

Report of the Parish Council meeting held on 1st October 2007

Police report. PC Houghton introduced PC Lynne Gilbertson, who would be taking over from him. As this was the last meeting he would be attending before he left the police the Parish Council thanked him for his hard work and dedication on behalf of the village.

Bench repairs. An estimate for basic maintenance on the village benches had been received and it was agreed to go ahead with this.

Local Development Framework meeting. Councillor Rumsby had attended the recent meeting on this along with Borough Councillor Bokor. It was agreed that he would provide a summary of the views of the Parish Council to be sent to Charnwood.

Dog fouling. It was agreed that the village should be included in the new borough wide order on dog fouling controls. This would cover the sports field, the Washdyke and the cemetery.

Washdyke update. Sponsorship had been found for the majority of the 120 trees destined for the Community Orchard.

Wymeswold Airfield Liaison Group. This group of interested parties had been established as part of the planning permission for the use of the airfield by Everyman. The construction of the bund was going ahead, but this involved a number of conditions regarding traffic movements and hours of operation which would be publicised.

September 2007  

Report of Parish Council Meeting held on 3rd September 2007.

New Partnership Manager. John Leney, the new CBC partnership manager for Wymeswold was introduced. The purpose of this role is to provide advice and support to the Parish Council in dealings with the Borough Council, and explain their aims and strategies and how they relate to the parish.

Wysall Lane development. Borough Councillor Bokor had been in contact with Wimpeys to arrange for street lighting and the repositioning of the 30mph speed sign now that some of the houses are occupied. The work should be done in the next few weeks.

Maintenance of the brook. A change of personnel at CBC had meant that the proposed site meeting regarding the vegetation in the brook had not yet been held. There was continuing concern about possible increased flood risk due to the state of the brook.

A6006 flooding. Following the site meeting LCC Highways were in contact with utility companies to determine what apparatus was beneath the road, before they were able to make arrangements to bore under the carriageway to improve the drainage. It was hope that this work could be done shortly.

Washdyke update. Progress on this project was reported. This included the staking out of the area for the community orchard to show where trees would be placed. There would be a stall at the forthcoming Duck Race inviting parishioners to sponsor a tree, and leaflets would be distributed around the village.

Goal posts on sports field. Wymeswold Football Club had been informed that the existing goal posts on the sports field were illegal, and were seeking funding to replace them from a variety of sources. It was agreed that as the sports field was an amenity for the village with youngsters using the goalposts for recreation, it was appropriate to provide some funding for this project. It was agreed to make a contribution of £100 to the club for this purpose.

Damage to bus shelter. There had been two occurrences of vandalism to the bus shelter recently, which would require repairs to the guttering. It was agreed that this should be replaced on this occasion, but any further damage could result in the removal of the guttering completely.

The A46 ( Newark to Widmerpool improvement) public enquiry. This would resume on 5th September to hear remaining cases of those giving evidence.

Report of Parish Council meeting 3rd July 2007

Police report: Andy Houghton had been working with the school on a number of measures to improve security following the recent vandalism. Only 9 volunteers had come forward from the Wolds villages to take part in the Community Speed Watch initiative, and this was not sufficient for it to operate. It was hoped there might be more volunteers, if the scheme received further publicity.

Flooding on A6006: The recent flooding on the A6006 appeared to be unconnected to the traffic calming, and LCC had recently done work in the adjacent ditches to try to ameliorate the effects of the recent heavy rainfall. A site meeting would be arranged to see if other work was needed to avoid further flooding in this area.

Maintenance of the brook: There was concern that the vegetation in the bed of the brook was increasing the flood risk, and staff from Charnwood Borough Council were due to make a site visit.

East Midlands Regional Plan: report from examination in public on 27th June: Councillor Rumsby and Borough Councillor Bokor had attended this session. Councillor Rumsby reported that the Borough Council considered there was no need for the number of houses proposed in the area, and felt that a development of this size would have a huge impact. It was suggested that 34% of the requirement could already be met by existing plans for development.

Area Forum Consultation: Charnwood Together, a body combining council, business, police, health, other services and the voluntary sector had issued a consultation paper proposing area forums developed for the county. The Parish Council unanimously agreed that this was an additional layer of government which would confuse rather than engage local people, and it was agreed to send this response to Charnwood Together.

Appointment of heritage warden: It was agreed to accept Lorraine Ellison’s offer to act as Heritage Warden for the parish.

Washdyke update: Councillor Holloway had attended a recent meeting of the newly founded Wymeswold Washdyke Association. It was agreed that the Parish Council would be responsible for arranging mowing and hedge trimming, with possible help on the latter from the Young Farmers. It was agreed to give £100 to the newly formed association.

Bus stop on East Road: The new bus stop on East Road was shortly to be installed. This would be for a 6 month period initially, after which time it would be reviewed.

Report of Parish Council Meeting 18th June 2007

East Midlands Regional Plan: Borough Councillor Bokor had sent a questionnaire to parishioners, and the results of this would be taken to the forthcoming examination in pubic which would be held on 27th June. Councillor Rumsby would also attend this.

The Washdyke: Following a meeting with members of the community orchard project, a Washdyke Association was being formed to manage the project and apply for funds. It was hoped that all 120 fruit trees would be paid for by sponsorship by parishioners, with funds being sought for other facilities. The first stage of these was likely to be football goals, a track around the perimeter and a youth shelter.  

Procedural standing orders: There were some revisions suggested concerning a quorum and voting procedures , which would be considered at the next meeting.

Responsibilities: The matter of councillors taking responsibility for particular areas was reviewed and it was agreed that all councillors should be involved in all aspects of the Parish Council’s work, with individuals taking on particular projects as and when required. The exception to this was the cemetery for which Councillor Barratt agreed to take responsibility. A representative was needed to be involved in the Washdyke project, and Councillor Holloway agreed to do this. Councillor Barratt also agreed to represent the Parish Council on the Memorial Hall Committee.

Mowing: The clerk had contacted Leicestershire Highways about the state of the verges in the village, which were due to be mowed that week, in advance of the Garden Walkabout weekend

Report of Parish Council Meeting 14th May 2007

New councillors: Only Ken Barratt remains as councillor from the previous parish council. The new councillors are Shaun Bokor, Ken Holloway, Joan Hubbard, Ron Jenkins, Derrick Rumsby, and Nick Shaw.

Election of Chair and Vice Chair: Nick Shaw was unanimously elected as chair, with Joan Hubbard also being chosen as vice chair unanimously.

Thanks: Nick Shaw recorded the thanks of the new parish council to the retiring chair, Charles Collington and the other councillors for all their hard work over very many years. The other retiring councillors are Nigel Gravells, John Harrison, Chris Keeling, and Ginny Westcott.

Appointment of representatives: It was agreed that Councillor Shaw should represent the parish council on the Association of Airport Related Councils. Councillors Holloway and Rumsby would be the representatives on the Wolds Joint Parish Councils group.

Police report: PC Houghton outlined the priorities over the next six months, and asked councillors to keep him informed of any additional concerns. It was hoped that details of the Community Speed Watch scheme would be finalised by the end of May. Dismay was expressed at recent vandalism at the school.

Report from Borough Councillor: Borough Councillor Jenny Bokor gave details of the Examination in Public of the East Midlands Regional Plan, and the timetable for further reports and consultation

The Washdyke: A public meeting was due to be held on 16 th May to consider the possible uses of this area, between the sports field and Hoton Road.

Footpaths: Work was being done to identify owners of land in the parish where footpaths were situated, to enable the County Council to work with landowners to improve styles and way marking at no cost to the landowners.

Junior cricket sessions: The parish council unanimously agreed to waive charges for these sessions, and to congratulate Wymeswold Cricket Club on this initiative.

Report of Wymeswold Parish Council meeting 2nd April 2007

Police report Some incidents of damage to cars in the village had occurred and PC Houghton encouraged anyone experiencing damage to their vehicles to report it to the police. Dismay was expressed at recent vandalism to the windows in the sports pavilion . There had been some volunteers from the village for the proposed Wolds Community Speed Watch scheme.

Parish Councillors recorded their thanks to PC Houghton for his help since his appointment, and his regular attendance at the monthly meetings.

Report from County Councillor It was hoped that a site meeting between relevant staff from the County Council, Charnwood Borough Council and Wimpeys could be arranged in April to review current concerns regarding the Wysall Lane development. LCC Highways had recently trimmed the hedgerows on Hoton Road that had been restricting visibility.

Parish Councillors thanked County Councillor Shepherd for all his help and diligence on a number of village issues.

London Lane It had been confirmed that the area at the junction of Hoton Road and London Lane was the responsibility of LCC Highways. A reply from them was awaited as to what options there were to improve this area.

Sports field The Scouts had cleared the area where the bonfire was held.

Cemetery A new scale of charges was agreed as a result of the survey of other parishes in the area.

Bench on Brook Street The possible location of the bench near the bus stop was reviewed, and nearby residents would be contacted for their views.

Waymarking A letter had been received from LCC asking for contact details of local landowners/tenants to enable them to arrange for the waymarking of public rights of way, and repair of stiles and gates at LCC’s expense. Work would be done to try to establish ownership of land in the parish to enable this work to be done.

Thanks As this was the last meeting for several of the councillors, the chair, Councillor Collington, thanked all the Parish Councillors for their work for the Council over many years.

March 2007

Report of Wymeswold Parish Council meeting 5th March 2007

Police report Increased emphasis was being put on the safety of vehicles in pub car parks. It was hoped that the village could participate in a Community Speed Watch scheme for the Wolds if sufficient volunteers could be found. There had been some incidents of damage to cars in the village and PC Houghton encouraged anyone experiencing damage to their vehicles to report it to the police. Dismay was expressed at recent vandalism to the windows in the sports pavilion.

Affordable housing Parish Councillors would seek advice as to whether there was any mechanism whereby the affordable housing on the Wysall Lane development could be earmarked for parishioners and their families.

Hoton Road Highways had agreed to arrange to cut back the hedgerows to aid visibility. It had been hoped to reinstate part of the footway to Hoton at the Wymeswold end, but there was very little remaining of it so this would not be possible.

The Washdyke The trustees of the Parochial Charities had agreed to lease this area to the Parish Council for 15 years. The first phase of developing this area as an amenity for the village would be the community orchard, with other areas being considered at a later stage. A meeting would be arranged.

Airfield inquiry The inquiry into the appeal regarding the use of the site at Wymeswold airfield was due to resume. It would be open to the public, and parishioners were encouraged to attend.

Cemetery Charges for other cemeteries in the county had been surveyed, and Wymeswold’s were well below the average. They would be reviewed at the April meeting. Some work to improve pathways was agreed.

Report of Wymeswold Parish Council Meeting, 5th February 2007

Report from County and Borough Councillors The closure of Wysall Lane, scheduled to end on 6th February had been extended for a few days. Whilst this was disappointing the road would be opened with a new surface, and there should be no other work outstanding on it.

Police report PC Houghton had been looking into potential arrangements for Community Speed Watch now that the initial pilots were completed. It was possible that this could be set up for a number of Wolds villages working together.

Wysall Lane Confirmation had been received that the pavement and road width were acceptable, and also that the building materials and designs were as agreed. Unfortunately Wimpeys had declined the request for a cash contribution for village amenities which it had been hoped might have been forthcoming as part of the Section 106 agreement.

May 2007 elections The timetable for the elections had been published. Anyone who might be interested in becoming a parish councillor should contact either the parish clerk on 01509 881146, or speak to one of the existing councillors. Nomination packs would be available in March.

Hoton/Wymeswold footway A meeting of interested parties had been held and it was clear that LCC Highways Department did not feel that reinstatement of the footway could be given priority under the current transport plan, which would run to 2011. However a number of improvements could be considered.

Cemetery The Parish Council acting in its capacity as Wymeswold Burial Board agreed that grave spaces in the area around the edge of the cemetery should be made available in the same way as those in the other sections.

The Washdyke An initial meeting of interested parishioners had taken place, and a sketch of a possible layout had been made. An agreement for an extended lease with an appropriate rental was the next step.

The Pound A suggestion had been received suggesting that the Pound could be used as a seating area now that it had been cleared. It was agreed that possible funding sources should be investigated to see if it might be possible to revive this idea which had been first considered several years ago.

Report of Wymeswold Parish Council Meeting, 8th January 2007

Report from County and Borough Councillors: The timetable for the public consultation on the Draft East Midlands Plan was outlined.

The county proposal for a sustainable urban development based around Cotes was being reviewed. It was acknowledged that there was a limited number of possible locations for a development of the size required.

Police report: PC Houghton outlined priorities for the coming months that included an increase in visible patrols in the Wolds villages, and addressing vehicle crime and the misuse of vehicles, including speeding.

Bench: Following the replies from residents regarding the possibility of siting a bench on Brook Street, the proposed site would not be pursued. An alternative site could be adjacent to the bus stop on Brook Street .

Wysall Lane: There were a number of concerns over the work already done, details of which had been sent to Development Control.

May 2007 elections: These were to be held on 3rd May. The number of councillors would increase to 7. Anyone interested in standing for election is invited to speak to any of the present councillors, or the clerk for information on what is involved in being a parish councillor.

Hoton/Wymeswold footway: A meeting of interested parties was scheduled for later in the month.

Precept 2007/08: The budget for the coming financial year was agreed.

Clock illumination: A quotation to reinstate the illumination of the church clock had been received and it was agreed that this work should be done.