Parish Council Report April 2011

Police Report

In March there were four crimes committed in Wymeswold. On 7/03/11 a battery was stolen overnight on Brook Street, on 12/3/11 a caravan was stolen on Wysall Lane, on 21/3/11 copper wire was stolen from Rempstone Road and on 28/3/11 items were stolen from storage on Narrow Lane. PC Geeson also reported that the problem area near the Memorial Hall is still on their priority beat. He again urged parishioners to be wary of distraction burglaries.

Local Elections – 5th May 2011

Final nominations list for the Parish Councillors will have now been published on the notice board and on the parish website. On the same day the election for your Borough Councillor will also be taking place so please do use your vote on the 5th of May. The Memorial Hall will be open for voting from 7am to 10pm. If you would like any more information on the Parish Council you can visit the website at or contact me using the details below.

Airfield Liaison Meeting

A meeting of the Wymeswold Airfield Liaison Committee took place at the end of March. The committee are positively working together to reduce the noise levels especially with research into to quietening the exhaust pipes on the super cars. After planning permission was denied for the extension of the bund on the Burton on the Wolds side of the airfield Everyman Racing is now looking towards other measures to reduce the noise levels. These include the reduction of noise from the car exhausts and the erection of a straw bale noise barrier at the Wymeswold side of the racetrack. There are also a number of non-motorised sports taking place on the airfield including triathlons, dance festivals and biking.

The Washdyke

Thank you to all the people that have volunteered so far to help with the larger projects for the Washdyke. If you would like to help please let me know and I will pass on your details on to the Washdyke committee. This summer a wild flower meadow is being encouraged to grow between the trees so the grass will be left to grow to allow these flowers to establish. It will then be cut at the end of the season so hopefully we can look forward a lovely wild flower meadow this summer.