Parish Council Report May 2011

Local Elections – 5th May 2011

The list of the Parish Councillors elected on 5th May has now been published on the notice board. We would like to welcome back Cllrs Nick Shaw, Ken Barratt, Joan Hubbard and Shaun Bokor. We also welcome our new councillors Cllrs Adrian Cooke, Jo Ling and Sarah Sturmey and we look forward to working with them over the next few years. This does mean that three of our previous councillors are not returning and the council would like to extend its thanks to Cllrs Derrick Rumsby, Ken Holloway and Ron Jenkins for all of their hard work over the past four years. Borough Councillor Jenny Bokor was also re elected and we look forward to continuing the partnership that we have developed.

Annual Meeting of the Parish Council

The annual meeting of the Parish Council took place on the 16th of May. The annual report was submitted and is available to read on the parish notice board. One of the main purposes of this meeting is to elect a chair person for the coming year and we are pleased to report that Cllr Nick Shaw was re elected as the chairman.

Reports from the County and Borough Councillors

After reports and complaints about the road condition and traffic speeding along Far Street the Parish Council has been working very hard alongside Borough Councillor J Bokor and County Councillor R Shepherd to improve the condition of the road and traffic situation.

Arrangements have been made to collect data on the speed of vehicles and traffic volumes on the A6006. A site meeting is due to take place with County Council Highways regarding pedestrian movements at the busy Wysall Lane junction and the suggestion of a pedestrian crossing is being persued. CC Shepherd is also interested in promoting a Community Speedwatch and will look into this.


Following the recent work to renew the cemetery brickwork and re-paint the railings, work will commence soon to clean and re-gravel the internal cemetery paths.

The Pound

We are happy to report that the renovation of the Pound has now been completed and the new bench, kindly donated by the Garden Walkabout Committee, has now been installed. There are plans to erect sign explaining the history of the Pound, which has been restored in memory of Miranda Noble.