Parish Council Report December 2012

Police report

The following crimes occurred in Wymeswold during November:  04/11/2012 – Theft, Narrow Lane, 10/11/2012 to 11/11/2012 – Theft of motor vehicle, Mill Hill Leys, 10/11/2012 to 11/11/2012 – Theft from motor vehicle (petrol), London Lane, 24/10/2012 to 15/11/2012 – Theft (2 x livestock), Narrow Lane, 24/11/2012 – Theft of trailer, Nr. London Lane. Both Hoton and Burton suffered offences relating to theft of heating oil. The two offences in Burton relate to the same address (the first being an attempted theft and the second the completed theft). Theft of heating oil appears to be a countywide issue that has recently emerged in Charnwood since August 2012. Police investigations are ongoing both locally and force wide, and PC Gosling working with oil companies with a view to counteracting this.

Maintenance of the River Mantle on Brook Street

Cllr Shaw, Cllr Cooke, County Cllr Shepherd and Alice Gardam attended a site meeting with Dave Woolsey from CBC to discuss a more efficient maintenance programme for the River Mantle and its banks. It has been agreed to ask CBC to change its programme of maintenance, currently in October and March each year, to June and September instead. This will allow the banks and river bed to be maintained once in the summer months and should prevent the build up of vegetation and weeds over this period.

LCC are responsible for the mowing of the grass verges along the River Mantle and were unable to attend the meeting. They have, however, supplied a map of the areas within their mowing schedule and the PC will liaise with LCC to ensure that the map agrees with the areas that are actually maintained.

LCC do not maintain the grass on the south bank of the brook from outside no.106 Brook Street to the area outside Hall Field as it is not part of the adopted highway. It was agreed that the PC should look into maintaining these areas, and quotes to ascertain the cost of this maintenance are now being sought.

Budget 2013-14

The budget for 2013-14 was presented by Cllr Sturmey and it was agreed that the annual precept will remain at £18,700 for 2013-14. It was agreed to earmark funds for the following village projects:

  • The refurbishment of the headstones in the Rempstone Road Cemetery               – £1500
  • To purchase a speed gun for ongoing Community Speedwatch campaigns          – £1000
  • To prepare and submit architect’s plans for the refurbishment of the sports pavilion – £1000

Cemetery hedge

The final phase of the refurbishment of the cemetery is now underway and the hedges can be laid. A contractor has now been engaged to establish hedges to the western and southern boundaries of the cemetery.

East Midlands Stargazing Club

The Parish Council has been approached by the East Midlands Stargazing Club to hire the sports field and pavilion to watch the night skies. They have had their first session and were delighted with the results, especially as the part night lighting is now operational making the stars easier to see. Stargazing is weather dependant however they plan to have around two sessions a month, usually on Friday or Saturday nights. Any visitors with an interest in astronomy will be welcomed and details of their proposed stargazing sessions can be found at

Christmas lights anyone?

The subject of establishing Christmas lights in Wymeswold has been raised a few times by parishioners. Whilst the installation of Christmas lights is a lengthy and sometimes costly exercise, the Parish Council would like to gauge the opinion of parishioners on this subject. If anyone would like volunteer to form a working group in order to steer the project forward, please let me know using the contact details below.

Happy New Year!

The next meeting of Wymeswold Parish Council will be held on Monday 7th January 2012 in the Jubilee Room, Wymeswold Memorial Hall, Clay Street, Wymeswold, starting at 7:15pm.

Alice Gardam
Clerk to Wymeswold Parish Council