Parish Council Report January 2013

Police Report

We are happy to report that were no crimes reported in December. The New Year does however bring a change in personnel and structure in to our Neighbourhood Team. From January 7th 2013 there will be a response hub at Loughborough, along with 2 officers working from Syston, who will cover all priority incidents. Replacing the current Neighbourhood Team structure, there will be a team of officers dedicated to our area called a ‘Safer Neighbourhood Team’, they will carry out incident response, crime investigation, and will look at neighbourhood issues. There is a new role called ‘Beacon Officer’, which replaces the current Beat Officer role, and this person is responsible for overseeing the beat and any neighbourhood issues. Our new beacon officer from the 7th January 2012 will be PC 4330 Miranda Gent. To get in touch with Miranda or to report a crime call Tel: 101 – Option 2 – Enter 4330 and leave a voicemail.

Maintenance of the River Mantle on Brook Street

Charnwood Borough Council has responded to the Parish Council’s request to change the maintenance programme of the Brook. They are proposing to delay the first maintenance from March to late Spring or early Summer and have committed to do the second maintenance as late as possible and for this to be subject to a condition survey. They do, however, still need to take the environmental issues into consideration. In addition to this LCC have agreed to ensure that the banks of the Brook are included in their mowing schedule. The Parish Council has also arranged for the area outside Hall Field to be cleared and will continue to maintain this area, as well as the grass verges from no.128 Brook Street to no.106 Brook Street which LCC does not currently cut as it is not part of the designated highway.

20mph signs

Cllr Ling has researched into the 20mph speed signs installed near schools and has discovered that they do not have to be placed directly within the proximity of a school. It has suggested that some 20mph signs could be installed on Far Street in an effort to slow the traffic down. The Parish Council has agreed to contact LCC to investigate the installation of these signs on Far Street.

Sand Bags

Charnwood Borough Council will be delivering 200 sand bags to the village for parishioners to store on their properties to use when they are at a risk of flooding. They are not filled with sand so do not take up very much space. When they come in contact with water they inflate and protect you from flooding. Once the sandbags have been delivered, a collection date and place will be posted in the Link and on the Parish noticeboard.

The next meeting of Wymeswold Parish Council will held on Monday 4th February 2013 in the Jubilee Room, Wymeswold Memorial Hall, Clay Street, Wymeswold, starting at 7:15pm. All parishioners are welcome to attend.

Alice Gardam
Clerk to Wymeswold Parish Council