Parish Council Report July 2013

Police Report

There was only one crime in Wymeswold in June – a burglary on Swifts Close.

Reports from the County and Borough Councillors

Cllr Bokor reported that CBC have cleared more fly tipping on Narrow Lane and PC Gent has been to visit the chicken farm to see if they can advise their delivery lorries not to use Church Street. Cllr Bokor has been is discussion with LCC in order to try and establish the responsibility of the maintenance of the footpaths in particular the Civic path and the footpath that runs from Church Street to The Stockwell. These discussions are still ongoing, however once a satisfactory decision has been made Cllr Bokor will publish the results in the Link.

Boyer Planning Application, Storkit Lane

The date of the appeal for the Boyer Planning outline application to build 32 houses on the land either side of Storkit Lane has been set for 16th July. Cllr Shaw will be representing the Parish Council and the decision will be posted in the noticeboard as soon as we know the result. Members of the public are permitted to attend the hearing, which will be held at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel in Loughborough.

The de-listing of the BT K6 Phone Box

The PC received a letter from CBC advising that there has been an application to English Heritage to de-list the K6 BT phone box on The Stockwell. The Parish Council strongly agreed that the phone box is a key feature in the Wymeswold street scene and is an important part of the overall character of the conservation area. The phone box also provides a phone line in case of emergencies and when there is no mobile reception. The PC agreed to object to the proposal to de-list the K6 phone box.

Speedwatch Campaign

Cllr Ling has run another very successful speedwatch campaign. In total 547 cars were recorded over 36 mph with the fastest car clocking in at 56 mph! The details of all the speeding vehicles are reported to the police and the offenders will receive a letter from the police.

The next meeting of Wymeswold Parish Council will held on Monday 2nd September 2013 in the Jubilee Room, Wymeswold Memorial Hall, Clay Street, Wymeswold, starting at 7:15pm. All parishioners are welcome to attend.

Alice Gardam
Clerk to Wymeswold Parish Council