Crime Prevention Advice – March 2016

There has unfortunately been an increase in burglaries recently in Wymeswold. I would like to take this opportunity to reassure residents that Leicestershire Police are actively preventing and acting on burglaries in and around Wymeswold. We are engaging in high visibility patrols of the village at all times of the day.

There has been some concern from residents about the street lighting going off at night in the village. I can confirm that the switching off of the street lights has in no way affected crime rates in the village. Although crime has risen recently; 90% of crime in Wymeswold has occurred while the street lights are on or during day time. There has also been no rise in crime during the hours of no lighting from when there was lighting.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind all residents to be aware of anything or anyone that you believe could be suspicious. There is never a wasted call to the Police about suspicious persons. Your call may result in the arrest of a burglar.

Lock up!  Houses are still not being secured. They must have all windows and doors locked when empty at all times of day and night!

Light up! Going out at night? If your house looks empty, a burglar will assume it is empty and will see it as an easy target. Leave a light on inside so as to appear that persons are home!

Seen it? Report it!  Seen something suspicious such as a person prowling round and looking in to addresses or a vehicle prowling around? CALL THE POLICE! It may be nothing but your call might ensure a criminal is caught! There is no such thing as “too small to bother the police”.

How to contact us

Phone number including collar number and full name plus Twitter and Facebook name etc

PC 4122 Mansfield
PCSO 6048 Loydall
PCSO Jade Martin
PC 3109 Lockton
PCSO 6654 Dignan
PCSO 6144 Martin