Wanted: Speedwatch Volunteers!

Vehicles are increasingly driving above the speed limit through the village, endangering children and adults, pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.  I have been asked again by the County Team to run the Wymeswold Community Speedwatch. Being invited to participate is a privilege for the village and took determination and enthusiasm to establish. This follows on from the last very successful campaign where over 100 vehicles were recorded as speeding, including one car travelling at 60 mph through our village!

We are looking again for a team of enthusiastic volunteers who would like to carry Speedwatch forward and make a useful contribution to the village by helping to make it safer. All training will be given and everyone is welcome to volunteer.  The time you commit to can be as little as 2 hours, or one shift per day for 2 weeks; the choice is yours!

At the moment the exact dates for Speedwatch are unconfirmed as there are several groups taking part in the county. As soon as we have this information we will let you know, but it will happen this year, between April and October. However, expressions of interest at this stage would be useful.

Let’s show speeders we won’t put up with them any more!

Contact me on 01509 881127 or email ray.woodwind@outlook.com

Ray Jane

Speedwatch Coordinator