Weekly Meditation 14/5/21

Someone once said to me that Dr Who is like Marmite – you either love it or hate it. Fellow Whovians will debate long and hard over who is “their Doctor”, they might also debate over which TARDIS is the best set. For the non-Doctor Who folk out in the Universe Tardis stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. I fell in love with the programme with the original Doctor Who played by William Hartnell. Controversy reigned when it was publicised that the Doctor would be played by Jodie Whittaker, when for years the Doctor had been male.

Yet if you had access to a Tardis, assuming it does as it says on the tin (so to speak), where and when would you go? Everyone will have their own favourite time and place to visit, on earth at least. The time and opportunity to visit famous folk from history – maybe Alfred the Great (did he burn the cakes?), Wellington, Napoleon, Queen Victoria, Marilyn Munro, John Wayne, Princess Diane or Elvis Presley (aha!). Possibly you would rather sit at the feet of and learn from Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, one or all of the Brontes or Albert Einstein. I am certain you could easily name so many others.

I often wonder how many Christians would put Jesus onto their wish list? Whether to sit and listen to the Sermon on the Mount, witness the feeding of the 5000, share in the Last Supper, witness the crucifixion or actually be there to see the Resurrection? Maybe an opportunity to meet with the Apostles or to make certain which of the epistles Paul actually wrote, dictated or just inspired? There will be countless Christian heroes who you would appreciate a mealtime chat with – some years ago I got to know a lady who had been friendly with Gladys Aylward. If you’ve never heard of Gladys look up “Inn of the Sixth Happiness” where she is played by Ingrid Bergman (very much a Hollywood presentation)

Whatever you think of time – whether it goes too quickly (as we age) or it passes extremely slowly (as in long hot Summer days in school) how we use it is important. Do not waste by regretting what might have been or worry about what might happen. Live each day to the glory of God, using it wisely and with thought of others primarily

John Pugh (Rev)  Wymeswold Methodist