Wymeswold NHW – Corona Virus and Community Help

The world is facing up to severe challenges that the coronavirus is bringing and it is wise to make steps to offer any assistance to our friends, family and neighbours should they need it.

Following the recent government advice it makes sense for our community to make plans to help those who may have to self isolate.  If anyone has to take this action then it means that they would need help for shopping, getting prescriptions, walking dogs etc.

We recognise that the response to the coronavirus pandemic is one which will be long reaching and that over the next few weeks things will change, including people’s ability to offer help.  We want to take sensible steps forward where we offer genuine assistance but equally we do not want to be in a position where we cause concern.

Wymeswold has a strong community spirit and we’re sure that there will be many people who would be willing to offer help.  At this stage we’re asking for people who would like to volunteer to pass on their contact details (both phone and mobile numbers and address) so that appropriate assistance can be offered to those who may need it.  The aim is to have one contact for anyone to use to ask for help.

In the first instance please use the following email address wymeswoldhelp@gmail.com or if needed you can phone Mel 07904 518410.

This is a coordinated campaign with the ‘Wymeswold in Need’ Facebook group recently set up – we want to cover as large a village population as possible. If you are willing to offer assistance, or know of anyone in the village who may require assistance, please let us know and we will try and facilitate.

We recognise that not everyone in the village is connected to the internet or on social media so if you know of anyone who may need assistance can you please pass on these contact details.  We also understand that there will be notices going around the village to help spread the word that there will be assistance provided by the village for anyone who may need it.

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