Sacred Harp/Shape Note Singing Taster

Saturday 10 August 2024 10:30am - 1pm at St. Mary's Church

Sacred Harp is an American choral tradition dating back to the 1800s. With its roots in the hymns and folk tunes of the time, it was created as an accessible way of singing in four-part harmony. The four voice parts (treble, alto, tenor, bass) sit facing each other in a square formation, singing into the centre of the room. Together the massed voices make an amazing sound.  Come and give it a go in this short taster session.  Who knows what it might lead to.

Sacred Harp is sung for pleasure, not performance. It’s about connection rather than perfection – so we don’t practice, we just sing. All voices are welcome, no experience is needed. People from all faiths and none are welcome, our focus is purely on the camaraderie of making music together. Contact Bob Edge if you have any questions. It would help if you could let him know that you will be attending. Donation towards costs of putting the workshop on welcomed, but not essential.