Wymeswold Parochial Charities – December 2016

The trustees of Wymeswold Parochial Charities administer the village allotments as well other land and fields in the parish left for the benefit of the village. The rents derived provide funds for the winter gifts to the pensioners, widows and widowers in the village. There are also other grants made to village organisations, and schemes such as the Thompson Educational Grants.

Mrs Sandra Brown has been the Chair of the Charities for many years, but has now felt it is the right time to stand down. On behalf of the other trustees and the parishioners of Wymeswold we would like to thank Sandra for her many years of service, especially in her knowledge, help and advice in distributing the annual winter gifts.


Do you fancy taking on an allotment in the village next year?

Wymeswold Parochial Charities have some available on both London Lane and East Road for the 2017 season.

The rents vary but are great value and your chance to grow fresh veg in readiness for next year’s Village Show.

If you are interested please contact the Clerk to the Charities, Jo Collington, at 94 Brook Street Wymeswold or on 01509 880538.